Thursday, August 12, 2021

Hi folks, I just want to update you all really quickly on things. Things are really hectic right now with EVERYTHING. I've ordered the hardcover proof for The Latham-Fielding Liaison for the Secret Gateways box set and it should be arriving soon. I made some headway on formatting for the Gateways to Abomination hardcover and then last month we got our new lease in the mail and found out our rent would be going up way beyond our means in September. And between that and the fact that this year, Tennessee has become literally the worst state in the US when it comes to LGBTQ laws mostly because of several laws introduced this year that particularly target the rights of transgender folks, we decided to try and find a new place to live outside of Tennessee and started a GoFundMe to help accommodate that move. I have since made an arrangement with our landlord so that we can stay at our current rate until the end of September.

At this point however, since we still have a lot left to raise and our granddaughter who lives with us has started homeschooling through a program specific to the state of Tennessee and we can't seem to find a good affordable alternative in the other places we're looking at to possibly  move to, it's looking like we're going to have to find another place here in Tennessee for at least another year. So any donations to our GoFundMe will be put back toward when we ARE able to move to a less hateful state. But obviously, we still have to find a place and be moved out by the end of September. So, needless to say, EVERYTHING I have been working on has gotten slowed down a whole bunch. So, at this point, with the move likely happening around mid to late September, it's looking like it'll be October before we can go to press with both The Latham-Fielding Liaison and the Secret Gateways box set. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately, things are out of my control right now. 

One more thing I want to touch on is Nox Pareidolia. I am still sifting through the chaos in the wake of my medication issues earlier this year so if you pledged for and never received a copy of Nox, please let us know in an email and I'll get that shipped out to you as soon as possible. 

Anyway, again, I wish I had better news. I hope you are all well and I'm really sorry for how slow going and jumbled all of this has been. Take care and keep safe, folks.



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  1. Hi, I ordered Tim Waggoner's collection almost a year ago and it hasn't shipped out to me yet.