Friday, June 18, 2021

Secret Gateways Boxset Update

By the end of this month we will have proof copies ready to look over for two of the three volumes in the Secret Gateways boxset: The Latham-Fielding Liaison and Gateways to Abomination.

Due to a change in the TOC, The Secret of Ventriloquism will be slightly further delayed but we hope to have the proof copy for it ready by mid July.

If all goes as planned (which I cringe to say at this point), the set should be shipping out to folks in late July or early August. 

If you missed out on why there has been a hold up thus far this year, you can read my most recent update to the Diapause Kickstarter for more details. We'll have more updates on other projects very soon.

Thank you all and take care.


Robert S. Wilson
Nightscape Press

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