Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday Bloody Monday!

The Nightscape Press webstore is now finally fully stocked with all of our titles in eBook format now that Amazon's evil Kindle Unlimited exclusivity chain has been broken! Every title not in pre-order that you purchase is instantly available for download and we even have a bundle of all 23 of our previous titles available (books by folks like Stephen Graham Jones, Lisa Mannetti, Ed Kurtz, Peter N. Dudar, Rena Mason, Rick Hautala, Tim Waggoner, and more!). So, naturally, what better time than Cyber Monday for this all to come together, so of course we have to have an eBook sale!

So, go to our webstore and use the coupon code MONDAYBLOODYMONDAY at checkout to get a whopping 50% off of any eBook on our webstore including pre-orders for ASHES AND ENTROPY and our Charitable Chapbook titles THE BROKER OF NIGHTMARES by Jon Padgett, watch the whole goddamned thing burn by Doungjai Gam, and IF IT BLEEDS by Matthew M. Bartlett!

You can even get that bundle I mentioned earlier at half price making it possible to get all 23 of our previous eBook titles for only $15! Put that in your cart, throw in the three Charitable Chapbook eBooks, and the eBook edition of ASHES AND ENTROPY and you're getting our entire catalog for less than $30! So, happy Cyber Monday from Nightscape Press!


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