Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Story Acceptances For Ashes and Entropy

Hey everybody, I've got some wonderful news! I'm pleased to announce that I recently accepted two new stories for ASHES AND ENTROPY!

Autumn Christian's "Shadowmachine" is a dreary tale about a girl and the dark machine that sends her into the stars with a dark purpose. Autumn is the author of THE CROOKED GOD MACHINE, WE ARE WORMWOOD, and the upcoming GIRL LIKE A BOMB. I'm excited to include this darkly aesthetic cosmic horror tale to the TOC of this anthology!

Matthew M. Bartlett's "Dr. 999" is the strangest, most unsettling series of Amazon product reviews you will likely ever read. Matthew is the author of GATEWAYS TO ABOMINATION, CREEPING WAVES, and his latest release, THE STAY-AWAKE MEN AND OTHER UNSTABLE ENTITIES. I am ecstatic to include this sinister spiraling descent into hair-conditioning madness to the pages of ASHES AND ENTROPY. Seven out of five stars! Would story again!

And these two stories likely won't be the last new tales gracing the interior of this disturbing book as I still have a few more late-solicited stories I should be receiving soon. And there is the potential for an open call for two slots in the book for folks from underrepresented demographics if we meet that stretch goal with the book's crowdfunding campaign. So keep an eye out for more announcements, including Story Spotlights and updates on the upcoming ASHES AND ENTROPY Kickstarter campaign launching August 1st!

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