Current Open Calls:

All submissions should be submitted through our Moksha portal within the appropriate listed open dates. Unsolicited submissions sent to us via email will be deleted unread.

Upcoming Open Calls:

Endless: An Anthology of Dark Sci-fi, Cosmic Horror, and What Lies Between edited by Jennifer Wilson and Robert S. Wilson:

Endless will include brand new stories by Laird Barron, Livia Llewellyn, Usman Malik, John Langan, Zin E. Rocklyn, Brian Evenson, Kristi DeMeester, Michael Wehunt, Nadia Bulkin, Gemma Files, Craig Lawrence Gidney, Gwendolyn Kiste, Michael Cisco, Lucy A. Snyder, Kurt Fawver, S.P. Miskowski, Farah Rose Smith, John F.D. Taff, Jeffrey Thomas, Jon Padgett, and Matthew M. Bartlett, and more. As the subtitle implies, we'll be looking for three kinds of stories: dark SF tales, cosmic horror tales, and stories that blur the lines between the two. 

The Bleeding Rainbow: A Spectrum of Weird Fiction edited by Robert S. Wilson and Maxwell Ian Gold:

The Bleeding Rainbow will be an LGBTQ-themed anthology where each author chooses a color from the Pride Flag (including any previous color combinations) and creates a weird fiction or cosmic horror story inspired by it. Submissions are open to all LGBTQ+ folks both out and not out as well as questioning folks too. This anthology will include brand new stories by Craig Lawrence Gidney, LC von Hessen, Scott Couturier, and more to be announced soon! 

Nightscape Press will be holding a special cover contest for this volume open only to LGBTQ+ and questioning artists. More about that soon!

Nox Pareidolia: Volume II edited by Robert S. Wilson:

The sequel to Robert S. Wilson's This is Horror Award-winning, Bram Stoker Award-nominated, and Indie Horror Book Award-nominated anthology of ambiguous horror and weird fiction, Nox Pareidolia, including brand new stories by Paul Tremblay, Joanna J. Roye, John Boden & Chad Lutzke (writing in collaboration), Erica Ruppert, Craig DeLancey, Nick A. Zaino III, Rachel Cassidy, Chad Stroup, Michael Matheson, N. R. M. Roshak, Sean Hayden, Jacqueline West, Barry Lee Dejasu, and more to be announced soon! Cover forthcoming!

Open Periods and Deadlines:


Payment and Requirements:

If funding allows, we hope to pay 8 cents per word on acceptance capped at 5,000 words but we will look at stories as long as 10,000 words.


Standard Shunn formatting is just fine, but we're finding more and more that we prefer single spaced manuscripts as we read submissions on our devices. And italics should preferably be italicized and not underlined. Single spaces between sentences is also a huge help when final formatting comes around. That said, we will not reject stories if the formatting isn’t perfect. First and foremost make it readable. And where stories require odd formatting for effect, certainly don’t change that on our account.