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Perry wakes up in an arroyo, hungover and unsure how he got there. His wallet and cell phone missing, he walks back to the last place he remembers being before he blacked out—the bar. Fueled by alcohol and a touch of companionship, Perry is determined to find out who rolled him, but standing in his way is an accident that happened six months earlier and the struggle his life has become since. In his search for the material things taken from him, he risks walking right past something far more precious: A new beginning. This new novella by Zelazny is dark, gripping, emotional noir at its best!

"A powerful and good writer... someone who's been through hell and come out, I hope, the other side."—Neil Gaiman

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From the author of THE NAMELESS and the One Way Out interactive zombie series: ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY, ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE ISLAND, and ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE PLANET.

Something has awakened in the waters near Hidden Bay. Ancient and unknowable, it has been gathering its strength in the aftermath of an eons-old conflict, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Now, with the wait finally nearing an end, it has decided that a test of its returning power is in order.

When a storm rolls in and settles over Hidden Bay, the townspeople are forced to confront their deepest fears and darkest nightmares. Before long, many begin to realize this is no ordinary storm, that the world they thought they knew has been harboring a terrible secret. And as each day passes, as new horrors and revelations come to light, a feeling of ever-increasing dread grips the town as the rain continues to fall…

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Peter Giglio returns to the fictional town of Sunfall, Nebraska, this time with a rural crime thriller.

Jack has nothing to live for, nothing worth dying for, no one to love, nothing to lose; but that all changes when his sister’s life unravels and he takes guardianship of Nora, his eleven-year-old niece. Looking out for her fast becomes the only thing he has ever done right. Driven to move his family from the bleak flatlands, to give his niece a chance at a better life, Jack takes the only job he can find, washing cars for minimum wage, saving every penny.

When an old friend steps back into Jack’s life, a joyride leads to an explosive night of terror and betrayal.

Now Jack must stand firm for those he loves as he struggles between the promising new life in bloom and the dark secret of a dead girl from California.

Stealing Night is a riveting exploration of our best and worst angels, the familial ties that bend but never break, the decisions we make, and the high cost of hesitation in the face of evil.

“With razor-sharp characterization and hard-as-nails prose, Peter Giglio’s Stealing Night is a literary punch in the gut—brutal, stunning, and not to be missed.” —Tim Waggoner, author of Like Death and The Harmony Society

“Sunfall is one hell of a place. And Peter Giglio is one hell of a writer. I am impressed, not only with Giglio’s fine prose and appropriate poetic moments, but also by the tension he builds throughout the story. Gripping, endearing and suspenseful, Stealing Night is a wonderful book.”—Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Black & Orange and Bottled Abyss

“An agonizingly deep look into loss and rebuilding, bad decisions and their immutable consequences, Peter Giglio’s Stealing Night is an indispensable piece of painfully human crime fiction. It will tear your heart out and you’ll thank him for it.”–Ed Kurtz, author of A Wind of Knives and Dead Trash

“This is the kind of story relevant to today's America; its pulse beats strong, the blood inside derived from its heirs, but unmistakably young, fresh, and vital. Giglio leads a new pack of modern noir voices, and this is not a story I'll forget.” —John Palisano, author of Nerves and Bipolar Express

“Stealing Night masterfully weaves themes of humanity and sacrifice into a story of love, life, and redemption. Peter Giglio’s compelling thriller will keep you captivated until the very end!”—Rena Mason, author of The Evolutionist

“Mr. Giglio’s ear for dialogue might very well have been scalped cleanly off Elmore Leonard’s head. Someone should check. Yes, the players here are that good! Stealing Night is smart, effectively rural in its sensibilities, and most certainly a winner!”—Jon Michael Kelley, author of Seraphim

“Layered, haunting and elegantly written, Peter Giglio’s rural crime thriller Stealing Night rushes at you like a pair of headlights on a dark and lonely road, leaving you shaken and awed by the story’s raw power of love & redemption.”—Jan Kozlowski, author of Die, You Bastard! Die!

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“Sterling City is mesmerizing, horrifying, strange, and you can’t put it down. It has a kind of stark poetry in the concision and clarity of its prose. Another great example of why you should be reading Stephen Graham Jones.”-Jeff Vandermeer, author of ANNIHILATION and BORNE

A moon explodes and a marriage dies. An impossible creature rises
from the tall grass, watches a farmer's circle system crawl across the
field like a giant insect. That farmer watches back. His wife's
footprints are there in the dirt. The fire in the sky leaves his
shadow crisp and deep.

This is Texas without the cowboy hat. This is Texas with a soft rain
of cosmic debris sifting down over it. This is a dark, dangerous thing
hiding in the cellar, but this is also a girl threading her bangs out
of her face and smiling with her eyes at a boy.

This is that impossible creature, love.

This is Sterling City.

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Edgar is a ghost cursed to spend his nights at Sunfall Manor, an apartment complex that was once a farmhouse in the flatlands of Nebraska. Every night he must move through five different dwellings, haunted by the living—a drunken and paranoid writer, an abused housewife, a colder-than-ice web-mistress, a two-bit drug dealer, and a crazy old man who plays with puppets—trying to unlock the secrets of who he is. But tonight is different. The lost souls of Sunfall Manor are ready to give up the ghost, and the past is ready to open its cold, unforgiving arms.


“Sunfall Manor is a gem of a story that reminds me of Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio...vignettes of lives lived and lost with touches of sadness, regret, and vengeance. A tale sure to send more than a few shivers up your spine...and your soul.”

-Rick Hautala, author of Indian Summer and Little Brothers

“Any horror fan who’s properly awake has been following the crazily productive visionary exactitude of Peter Giglio. He slings plainsong toughness pressurized by pop-eyed mania. Sunfall Manor’s not his debut, though it’s his debut masterpiece: A cold-trance-inducing, five-click merry-go-round about a rundown dwelling in the flatlands that feels more like a schizoid colony in outer space. This thing should be a major film, though we'll have to wake up Kubrick to do it right. A work of art that you’ll be judged for missing.”

-Eric Shapiro, author of The Devoted and It’s Only Temporary

“A lesser thinker might have been content with a haunted house story. A lesser storyteller might have been content with a tale of discovery, or perhaps of ghostly revenge. But Peter Giglio has more up his sleeve than ghosts and creepy old houses. He’s even got more than mere philosophy.”

-Bram Stoker Award-winning author Joe McKinney,
from his introduction

“Let Peter Giglio’s odd protagonist, Edgar, take you on a surreal tour of the mysterious Sunfall Manor with its intriguing but flawed residents. Giglio’s prose is highly accessible and very engaging, his story line equally compelling. This is Giglio playing at the top of his game, shooting and making all 3s. Highly recommended.”

-Gene O'Neill, author of The Burden of Indigo and 
Operation Rhinoceros Hornbill

“Peter Giglio’s Sunfall Manor is a gripping ghost story that will possess your mind like a crazed poltergeist. Psychological horror at its best.” 

-Jeremy C. Shipp, Bram Stoker nominated author of Vacation and Cursed

“A powerful, moving, intimate look into private lives we would rather deny, but all have lived, in one way or another. Giglio’s writing is clear, insightful, and fueled with a potent and intoxicating intimacy. To read Sunfall Manor is to take a poetic journey through truths, falsehoods, hopes, dreams and failures that comprise the human condition. And it’s truly haunting.” 

-Trent Zelazny, author of Butterfly Potion

“Haunting and unforgettable, Sunfall Manor is Mr. Giglio’s finest work to date. Period! This vivid and revealing shocker begs to be made into a movie and further cements him as the rising star that he is.”

-David Bernstein, author of Amongst the Dead and 
Tears of No Return

“Sunfall Manor is as much a character study of lost and damaged souls as it is a horror story. Giglio is an excellent writer who is not afraid to show the bleak human condition at its ugliest. Well done!”

-Tracy L. Carbone, co-chair of New England Horror Writers, author of The Soul Collector, 
and Bram Stoker nominated editor of Epitaphs.

"In Sunfall Manor, Peter Giglio reinvents the ghost story. Life and afterlife are examined through the eyes of a dead man, and it's like looking through a dust-filled kaleidoscope. Raw human emotion and exploration of the human condition in the rural midwest are Giglio's specialty. This story will stay with you long after you close the book. Very highly recommended."

-S. S. Michaels, author of Revival House

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From the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of A Requiem for Dead Flies.

Everyone has done something evil.

Frank is planning to murder his ex-wife. Working a construction job by day and driving a cab by night, Frank is slowly falling apart just trying to make ends meet. He’s poisoned by the toxic relationship with the mother of his children; all for the sake of staying in their lives. But the more he gives, the more she takes away, until he’s stripped of everything. And when she finally files the restraining order to keep him away from his kids, Frank is pushed over the brink of sanity. The ex-Mrs. Blake deserves to die, and Frank buys the gun and puts his plan into motion.

Malcolm owns a bar in downtown Portland. In his decades of running MacAuley’s of Scotland, he’s seen every form of sin and iniquity the city has to offer. But Mal has his own sins to hide from. His past life as a World War II pilot, and the death of innocent people he inadvertently caused has always haunted him. It’s been the catalyst for his downward spiral of sin and degradation. Until he realizes that he’s marked for damnation. A man can only live so long and run so far from the past…

Both men are on the brink of darkness until the Angel of Death pays one of them a visit. Salvation is at hand. But how far will one man go to save himself? Can he save his friend from the very same fate?

On the cobbled streets of Low London, Inspector Noridel of the Eternal Queen’s Constabulary is on the trail of a killer.
A killer who removes the still-beating heart from his victims.
A killer who witnesses describe as an “angel.”

This is an England where Queen Victoria has refused to die. Frozen in state, she thaws for a single day each year to guide her Eternal Empire to even greater glories.

An England where the Working Guilds of the Flesh and the Clockwork exist in an uneasy truce, each with their own secret agendas.

No longer a green and pleasant land, this is a country whose gardens have become the factory floor for an ever-expanding Industrial and Military Empire that has conquered the globe. An Empire that breeds ever-growing resistance.

Here, Scotland Yard walks the land in the belly of an Iron Giant, fighting crime wherever it may go, home to a vast super-computer with a penchant for riddles and a dangerous crush on Inspector Noridel.

To catch the killer, Noridel will have to look to his own past.

And to his future…

"Just when you think you've seen every possible variation on the Steampunk-London theme, along comes Jonathan Templar with something new and inventive. Full of distinctively-drawn characters, page-turning action and atmosphere as thick as a London fog, The Angel of Shadwell is the kind of story that's bound to leave other genre authors wondering, 'Now why didn't I think of that?'"—Jonathan Green, Creator of the Pax Britannia series (Time's Arrow, Dark Side, Anno Frankenstein)

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In this beautiful and chilling tale, Rick Hautala moves us with a coming of age story like no other. It's 1960. A young boy and his friends spend most of their time in the treehouse they built in The Big Tree in front of Old Lady Wayrenen’s front yard.

But when Hurricane Donna comes, it leaves more than just a trail of property damage. A chain of events pushes the natural and supernatural worlds at odds with one another and a young girl's life hangs in the balance. But is she even real? 

Combined with the words and artwork of some of Mr. Hautala's dearest friends: Christopher Golden (Foreword), Thomas F. Monteleone (Afterword), and Glenn Chadbourne (cover art); The Big Tree is one of Rick's most autobiographical and personal stories from the heart.